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Thanks Falko,
I did a netstat and it seems ISPConfig is running:

tcp 0 0 *:81 *:* LISTEN 8382/ispconfig_http

I used https when installing and I add :81 when trying to access.
I shutdown Norton Internet Security on the desktop that is trying to access the page, but it didn't help. Actually, I can't even access it from the web server itself using https://localhost:81. (I am having FTP and Telnet problems as well, it times out. However, after shutting down Norton, the FTP goes partly through, it doesn''t ime out but the log says: Receive error: Blocking call cancelled Retrieve of folder listing failed.) In case these error messages imply something relevant.

When I set up the server, I used the "how to " document and partitioned my drive according to what was suggested (swap, /, /boot and /var). I did a search for the config file and can't find it, yet the installation said that it had completed successfully (in my original post).
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