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I found some old notes that I used to install CFMX7 on my Debian Sarge server.

I've NOT installed the new 8 version till now, so I do not know if this will still work.

Anyway. This is what I used to install
At 'Configure web server' make sure you select 1
At 'Choice: 1' select 1 for Apache
The Apache configuration directory is: /etc/httpd/conf
The Apache binary file directory is: /usr/sbin/httpd
The control file to start and stop Apache dir is: /usr/sbin/apachectl
After all this you will need to run the "connector" script that will add stuff to the Apache configuration (in /etc/httpd/conf).

I access the admin like this: http://my_domain/CFIDE/administrator

Anyway.. When I did the upgrade from Debian Sarge to Etch, the CFMX7 server did not want to start anymore (some error about not being able to connect I think) Apache did also not want to start (it did not like all the stuff that was added by the coldfusion MX connector wizard)

I needed to clean the Apache configuration file, and patch the CFMX7 install file, to make it work on the now updated Debian server(s).

It was a pain in the a$$ as I could not find any info about installing CFMX7 on Debian Etch (now you can)

If I have some time tomorrow, I might give the new 8 version a go on one of my Virtual systems.
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