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ISPConfig's users, are system users. That means they have both FTP access and a virtual mail account assigned to them. I.e. you create the user 'info' for the If you pay attention the the user's creation page, you 'll see that your real user name is not just 'info' but something like 'web4_info'. That is your real username which you must use to login to your ftp server.

In you passwd file, seems like only anonymous FTP users are created (with no password). Do you really have created normal users? Check twice.

Also a useful notice: You can only have ONE user as administrator per domain (tick the administrator box when creating the user). This user is the root user for this domain -- meaning that when logging to the FTP server it will have access for everything in there. If you login as a plain user to your FTP, you will only have access to your personal folder -- not the root folder of the site, so if you upload content it will not be visible from but from
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