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Default What Ispconfig skill sets should I learn.

I would like to thank Till Brehm and Falko Timme for It has been very helpful in bringing me up to speed in utilizing Linux and the many useful programs available for it.

My background is Zope, Windows, and Intranet sites, but I have recently been asked to help out building an Internet web site. Without your site I would most likely stuck with what I knew best or would have stuck with a MS solution.

I have installed ispconfig and currently running a couple of web sites out of my home. My question for you two is - how do I build up my system admin skills using the tools that you provided. Starting with Ispconfig - what would you guys recommend for a non-Linux admin to study that would allow me to fully use the Ispconfig suite (postfix, ipchains??, proftp, etc..).

I have been reading the forums and discovered how useful and how much you two give of your free time to answer questions. I also found that doing is so much better than just reading. I never had to worry about security before, I worked on Intranets not Internet sites. Now I am reading the security logs and looking out for the ever present attacks on my sites. I use IPCop and yes I followed your suggestions on how to make it work with Ispconfig.

To narrow down the long list of things to learn I am using -
  • CentOS for now RedHat for later
  • PHP web sites - Joomla sites for now. Drupal for later on.
  • Non PHP web sites - Zope for later on. Can I use Liferay with Ispconfig?
  • I am about to get a cheap ssl cert. Found this subject confusing to say the least.
  • Firewall details using Ispconfig - what extra things can I do to protect my ispconfig servers.
  • PHP Security - either use suPHP or look at apache2-mpm-ithk for php web sites.

Again thanks for a wonderful web site and for your time in answering all of our questions in the forums.

Best regards,

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