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Default file / dir changes do not refresh clients folder

Ive been suffering from a problem that comes into the
default samba provided by debian etch 4.0 stable.

When there are file/dir modifications on shared
folders, the results do not appear on the windows
client inmediately.

My configuration is the most basic possible, straight
out of this howto

a small chat on irc reveals some details, I am irule
in there, and according to epsilon, I am not alone.

any thoughts, please help, thanks

<epsilon> I have samba 3.0.24 (debian stable) running,
but changes n filesystem (new dir or new filename) get
displayed in Explorer after I refresh, and not
<epsilon> what can be the reason? I already tried
'refresh = 1' in smb.conf and restarted, but no change
<||cw> epsilon: default is 60 seconds i think
<epsilon> ||cw: I have the almost same config (except
path and username) on another box, it's running fine
and changes get displayed immediatly...
<epsilon> can't locate why this one box is behaving
different with same binary...
<||cw> check logs? maybe a lib is missing?

irule> I have the same problem as epsilon, windows
clients can not get the forlders upgraded on the fly
when a file or directory is uploaded, deleted or
anything else, I can only press [F5] key on clients to
refresh folder view and my configuration is exactly
this one

<epsilon> irule: have you been able to fix this issue?
<irule> epsilon nope, and I have 50+ users braking my
back for it lol

<epsilon> irule: strange is, I have as basic conf as
yours on one box which has no problem with refresh...

<epsilon> everything same (OS, conf) expect
<irule> epsilon I know, Im asking the mailing list
tho, this samba copy is being installed on too many
servers to just ignore the issue
<epsilon> yea, I found few posts in mailinglists with
same issue, but none had any reply...
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