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Default To Setup a streaming server


I need your advise in setting up a streaming server.

One of my client who is running a TV company and now interested in making a website, where the public could view his TV Programs via the website.

TV company is telecasting its program in two different countries.

Now the TV company want us to make a website seperately for two different countries with the same functionalities and in different language.

We are going to develop the website in PHP/MYsql

For streaming, TV Company has suggested the following approach

TV Company will convert all the TV Programs into a web enable format FLV by using FFMPEG, which we have to read and do it and for which the following server setup has been identied

1) Two Seperate storage server(public server) for two different countries, where in conversion takes place in different places for two different countries and placed in different places.

2) My Webserver through streaming technique will read the converted FLA files and display it in the website by the concept of streaming, based on the country from which user is trying to browse the site.

Let me know the suggested approach is good and which company should I need to rely on in getting the server setup configured for us.

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