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Just to be on the safe side...have a look at the attached mkinitrd. Yours should be identical. You can either just use mine or follow the directions to do it yourself. I recommend that you try yourself however =)
Also, just incase the question will be asked, which I am sure someone intuitive enough will, the reason for the commented out lines near the end of the file relating to LVM are required is this...

If you ever plan on updating your kernel (i.e. through YOU the online updater), which of course is highly recommended considering the bug fixes, then SUSE will try to rebuild the initrd image. This is not good news without these lines commented out. Basically, SUSE will assume you have LVM partitioned disks because it detects the use of the device-mapper and isn't aware that we are using it for our own purposes which currently are not supported. Therefore, we are preventing SUSE from making this false assumption of our disk layout and thus retaining our forced setup allowing mkinitrd to fly-by not knowing any different. With this being said, it may also be a good idea to backup your modified mkinitrd script in the unfortunate event that a future SUSE update replaces it. However, if this happens, chances are they added something new to the boot process that is necessary in the be on the safe side, always read the updates YOU is providing, and don't be too hasty accepting the updates unless your sure this critical file is not being replaced.

Don't forget to change the permissions on this file after downloading it, only root should have access to write!

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