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hey just a few answers.. r00t is his g-mail name its like db.r00t something .. in a nutshell it happened because you allowed upload or attachments or avatar uploads in your phpbb.. ahh ya say.. I know I just cleaned it all out.. check your modules/forums/cache/ folder.. you will see all sorts of goodies in there.. attach_config.php.. thats it.. thats the only thing thats suspose to be in there all of the other stuff you see delete.. including those folders.. do not go by the creation date.. if you read one of the net.php folders you can take apart what happened.. just read anong.. you were attacked by a script kiddy anyway you will have to do all that in your winscp editor .. then check all your 777 file folders.. for files called.. oh anything really mostly .. version or r00t those will be locked .. then file names in the 777 folders like includes.php errors.php net.php

hope that helps
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