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Originally Posted by falko
Looks ok, but as is hosting the zone for, you also need a glue record:
Thanks for the reply Falko.

I'm not going to be using as a working web site for now. I just set it up to use as a name server. I thought I set the glue record at Godaddy by registering there with it's IP address.

Right now I'm trying to get my test email address, , to work. It sends out ok using SquirrelMail, but when I send to it I get:
Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:
Recipient address:
Reason: SMTP client-server loop detected
Remote system: dns; (TCP||57911||25) ( -- Server ESMTP [Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-6.01 [built Apr 3 2006]])
NOTE: I just tried something else. When I send a message to the test site from my current email, I get it returned with the above error. If I send from Gmail, or from even a government email at work, it goes through without any errors. Could this have something to do with the fact that we use Verizon SMTP to send our mail now, and Verizon is where the IP address is that the server is getting it from?
Also, the report on at says:
ERROR: I could not complete a connection to one or more of your mailservers: Could not connect without glue or A record.

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