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Default The config of webmail/pop3 make me crazy!!! :(

Buff... I can't believe, I try to create some accounts of mail services to try it with Outlook Express and Webmail tool in the ISPConfig panel but nothing work

I created a domain like this:

Server: ISPConfig
Hostname: www
IP Address:
Create DNS: V (right?)
Create DNS-MX: V (and this?)
Space MB: 1000
Traffic: -1
Traffice Exceedance: Suspend
Max. User: -1
Max. Domain: -1

and only mark the 'FTP Access' and 'Mailuser Login'

well, later I create acount on like this:

Real Name: Test mail
Email Addres:
Username: test
Password: 1234
WebSpace: -1
MailSpace: -1

Ok, everything right?

In the Outlook Express Accounts manager:

smtp: my.smtp.mail.server

Account Login: test
Account Password: 1234

Mark 'My server require auth'

right too?

When try to connect to mailserver receive the error:

Problem when try to start the sesion on the server.
The server rejected your username login.
Account 'Test', Server '',
Prot 'POP3',
Server response '-ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command',
Port: 110,
Security (SSL) No,
Server error '0x800CCC90',
Error number 0x800CCC91'
The questions:

Need mark 'My server requre auth' checkbox?
The username are right?
The config on the ISConfig are right?
And the config on the Outlook?

More than 2 hours to configure one simply mail address, it's is normal!?!?!?!? grrrrrr

Help me please

A lot of thanks!!!!
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