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Default HOWTO: SUSE 10.0 and Software RAID a.k.a FakeRAID

Motivation: Recently purchased another hard drive to compliment my existing hard drive in hope of using a BIOS Software RAID 0 (via the VIA chip) config with SUSE 10.0. This turned out to be a "no-go". 2.6 kernels apparently no longer supported BIOS fakeraid setups. So, I rummaged through all the forums that even remotely discussed dmraid or RAID in general. Eventually I came across 2 howto's: one was for Gentoo and the other for Ubuntu/Kubuntu. Neither provided enough info to get SUSE up and running. Of course, this would all be unnecessary if VIA Tech had simply made the Linux drivers as promised by the end of November. This did not happen, so I was on my own to find a way to "make" SUSE work. Thus, I present the consequence of my labour in the attached doc file. I hope it helps you to get SUSE up and running as it did me. If not, post a message here and tell me what went wrong. I'll try my best to help. Regards...C.R.

EDIT: See below. I have attached an Open Document File (odt) and reformatted the howto and posted here for quick reference if you do not wish to download anything. Enjoy!
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