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Default ispconfig - server migration best way

Hi there,

unfortunately i've installed fedora 6 on my server and in a while it runs out of support. I am buying a new server with centos 5 (support till 2014).
So my question is what is the easiest way to migrate my websites ?

I am thinking of the following moves :
1) get a back up of ispconfig db
2) install ispconfig on new server
3) recover the db from the previously backed up file (step 1)
4) copy and paste all folders under /var/www
5) migrate all mysql dbs
6) copy httpd.conf files as well as ISPconfig virtual hosts conf file
7) copy postfix configuration for emails ?

also the new server will have new ips so i will have to edit all configuration files like ISPconfig vhosts manually ? and also update ISPconfig from Server Management ?

8) update my dns settings of the domains to the new server so that it will stop pointing to the old server and go to the new.
9) remove old server ...

I would appreciate your opinions ...

Thank you in advance

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