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yep, the problem it's that the files :


they corrupt nothing else, i did, was to initiate the machine in single mode and paste the backups files of the files in the etc directory ... and the problem "i have no name" it was solved when I put the necessary permissions to him ... nothing else. you are right that can be a worm or something but as i can find, it or as I can review more meticulously, since in logs he does not appear nothing...

you know, could have been a negligence of openssl 0.9.7, that has shown security problems, but strange it it is that I have everything updated from the beginning of the operation of ispconfig.

now it can be a tiny bug or worm, because it does not let to me update the version from the panel in the port 81 of ispconfig server, it I can only do from the console untar the file and installing again...

some idea ????
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