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Originally Posted by exy123

Question about how ispconfig works with email users and domains. I noticed users created through ispconfig cant use outlook to check thier mail , then i found the post where it was explained you have to have real system users.

Now my question is how to do you tie in the users made through ispconfig and the real system users so that they can check thier mail without login failed errors ?
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Originally Posted by exy123
And also if you have and you have how would the mail for them be seperated if you can only create one system user with the username john ?
ISPConfig creates system users and uses prefixes for that task, i.e. if you create john for web1, then it would be web1_john, for web2 it would be web2_john and so on (of course, you can deactivate those prefeixes if you like) so the usernames are different. For each user you can create as many email aliases as you like, e.g. web1_johm does not only have the email address (which nobody would use), but also,, etc.

The username in an email client like Outlook would then also be web1_john; if you use the webmail package from the ISPConfig web site, you'd use the email address (doesn't matter if it's,, ... as long as the email address belongs to that user) instead of the username for login.
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