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Default Ubuntu / Postfix problem - [newbie]


I have an ubuntu server, set up with postfix for virtual mail users as per the perfect setup -postfix / mysql etc....

it has been working fine for several months, but a few days ago it gave up during an upgrade!

At this point i would like to point out i am a complete linux newbie, so please give any answers like you're talking to a child please!!! :-)

OK, so i did an apt-get update, then an apt-get upgrade, but got an error with mysql not stopping and the initscript failing.

I went to check out the log files, but all i got when i tried to nano mysql.log was a segmentation fault!

i've googled around a bit and found that it could be A) a memory error, B) a disk error or C) a libraby corruption.

my problem is i can't seem to find anythihng to help! Apparently with RPM you can verify packages, when you find the offendor, you can re-install it and things should go back to normal.

unfortunately i can't seem to find the same for Ubuntu/debian....

I know there's a memory test on the installer CD, but right now i don't have access to the machine, except through SSH...any thoughts there?

I also can't seem to find a way fo performing a disk check...

The machine is pretty old, but runs in an air conditioned server room. it could well be a memory problem....

now to postfix: when i send a mail to the server all seems fine. I tried using telnet, and postfix told me the mail had been queued, but it never appeared in the virtual mailbox folder (/home/vmail/[domain]/[user]/cur (or any other folder in this tree)

i can't view log files because of this segmentation fault, and i have no idea how to use any other text editor for the job, but i guess there might be some answers in there....

does anyone have any ideas on what i can do here?

I can get access to the machine in the next few days, but i'd like to have a few firm ideas on what i can try as i will be on site for only a few hours....

thanks in advance, any help will be gratefully accepted!!!
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