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Default dns problem with .eu domain from godaddy

I have a problem with a ns .eu domain registered with godaddy.
I not understand why my ispconfig not respond with properly site configuration.

I have selected the godaddy name server :

within godaddy CP I have added this conf:

A (Host)
Host Points To TTL
@ is my ispconfig vps) 1 Hour

__________________________________________________ _____________

CNAMES (Aliases)
Host Points To TTL
www @ 1 Hour

__________________________________________________ _____________

MX (Mail Exchange)
Priority Host Goes To T TL
10 @ 1 Week

20 @ 1 Week

30 @ 1 Week

40 @ 1 Week

50 @ 1 Week

__________________________________________________ ___________

On my ispconfig have setup the configuration of web for the site.

I have created a master dns zone with this configuration:


in option -> have added the godaddy name server
__________________________________________________ _____________

Now, if write the web site address Ispconfig respond with default Shared ip address how it seems to not be properly configured.

I have similar configuration for .info domain with godaddy and works fine with this solutions.

Any idea?
There is any error in my settings?

Very thanks.
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