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Default BIND views : running ISPc in a port forwarded environment

I had a look to see if this is covered, but can't find anything.

One of my ISPConfig installs is running on a server on a DSL line in a DMZ. All incoming requests on publicIP are directed to privateIP.

This works fine when browsing to a site from outside the office, but internally, we need to connect to privateIP instead of publicIP - the router doesn't support loop-back.

What I'd like to do is configure BIND to use views in order to serve privateIPs for internal requests.

Given the relative complexity of this, I think I'll have to do this manually (or even run a separate internal DNS on a different box) but thought I might suggest this as a feature for future versions of ISPConfig.

It would require a mapping system so ISPConfig is aware that forwards to (for example) so internal requests can receive the 192.x.x.x address. Mapping should only be done if running in a DMZ setup such as this,
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