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Default Understanding concept: users for ftp and/or email?


I am looking for an alternative solution for a Debian/SysCP-system, based on CentOS. The administration-panel ISPCONFIG looks very promising for that.

I am playing around with the VMWare-Appliance/Demo actually and studied the documentation/manual yesterday - I am really impressed about all the well working features!

At one point I have problems with understanding now:
Is it correct that every user of a site is an email-user and a ftp-user at the same time?
Which of the ftp-users can access the general web for the site? I added an additional user and he got his own web-folder under the directory "user".

With my previous understanding I need a
- ftp-user which can administer the website by ftp
- 1-xxx email-users which can administer their email/can read and send email.

Is such a "simple" solution possible with ISPCONFIG?

Thank you very much for your help,
kind regards!

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