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Originally Posted by falko
What's in /etc/apt/sources.list? It should be
rpm SuSE/9.3-i386 base update security

You don't have quota compiled into your kernel. You might try to load the quota module (if it's available):
modprobe quota_v1
modprobe quota_v2
(if you're successful, insert these two lines into /etc/modules so that the modules are loaded each time you boot your system).
If this doesn't work, then you have to compile a new kernel...
k check the sources.list and this is what is found in the file:
rpm ftp://mirrors.mathematik.uni-bielefe...inux/suse/apt/ SuSE/9.3-i386 update securit
rpm SuSE/9.3-i386 update security rpmkeys

then i check in the software installed and found quota installed. The funny thing is the following works ok

Made mistake in my post its not
quotacheck -avugm (run ok)

but quotaon gives me those error reported earlier.
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