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Wink kkkk

Hey, i'm not trying to teach you how you have to install the ISP ...

The only thing i know, is that shit works after i comment that line...
It works to me and i tell to other users what i have done!!!

You're a developer of ISPConfig ?? So, you know that not works with luck!!!

I don't change the directory, i don't do nothing... i have only removed that line...
The script are removing the folder before copy the archives !!! In my case of course... Because... i'm a very luck man!!! uhauhauhahuauh

But, thanks about your anwers... I'm only trying to test the program and i don't like and will not use him ! But congratulations, because the program are very functional !!! And some people can really need this program !
I hope you still in developer's team !

But you agree that luck are not the case!!!

Thanks !!!
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