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Originally Posted by herbert6
would you mind tellng me the brand, and any other particulars concerning your laptop. i am interested in installing suse10.2 on a suitable laptop.
thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
sincerely, herbert6
Sure... It is a Toshiba A215/S4757, AMD 64 x2 TL-56. Specific specs can be found at Toshiba's site. The one issue I see is that the wireless card (Atheros AR5007EG) that comes with it is not yet supported by Linux. An announcement came out yesterday that the work had been done and would be roled out in madwifi... but when is the question. I was also having a LAN card issue but Suse 10.3 took care of that.

Most anything you buy now comes with Vista and there is a function in Vista that completely powers down the NIC cards when you shut down. It is called "wake on LAN" and can be disabled. It needs to so that suse can use the NICs also.
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