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Thank you, dear moderator. Practically this was the reason why BERYL was not running...! Yes, I saw the effect of BERYL, I don't have any words to describe it... it's just awesome.

Now, I have again run into problem. This is due to my own ignorance. I have installed BERYL & Compiz-fusion both in FEDORA.

For the first 30 minutes, BERYL ran, but now neither the Beryl is working nor the compiz is working. I have not even seen the effects of compiz.

Here are the steps which I did:

1. Application > System Tools > Beryl Manager
2. The Beryl logo (red emerald) is coming at the top-right part of status bar. But nothing is happening with the water effects, raindrops, etc. But previously (30 minute before) they were working.
3. Right click on the Beryl logo > Select Window Manager
But I cannot be able to select the Beryl. Instead either compiz or Metacity is getting selected automatically...!!!
4. Hence no effects can be achieved...!

The EFFECTS of BERYL DISAPPEARED all of a sudden....!


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