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Hi Every one

Im using F7 and i had many problems with pup and pirut and allow me to say that its crap... so many problems

If anyone knows how to disactivate the automatic updates up2date without disabling yum| rpm please let me know

In relation to pirut stopped working, configuratin problem could be many things but i will explain the problem i had and how i fixed it..

I got configuation problem and lock table is out of available locker enteries and long hangs which got me no where

these are python errors!! i recomend you restore your system in the follwing way

1.Make a backup of /var/lib/rpm in case you break something
2. remove the Berkley databases : /var/lib/rpm/_db.00*
3.rebuild the database : rpm --rebuilddb
4.check : rpm -qa | sort

hope this helps someone
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