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Default The Perfect Setup - SUSE 9.3 (firewall?!)

Hello guys,
I am not a total green horn in suse but most of the time I was using it as a desktop replacement. So basically all you would do in the office with your pc. Now I need to set up department server in my uni. As I am familiar with drag and drop features :-) of suse I decided to go for SUSE 9.3 and followed your description "The Perfect Setup - SUSE 9.3"

I've noticed this and got a bit scared:
Install Some Software And Deactivate SUSE's Firewall

apt-get install findutils ncftp readline libgcc glibc-devel findutils-locate gcc flex lynx compat-readline4 db-devel

/etc/init.d/SuSEfirewall2_setup stop
chkconfig --del SuSEfirewall2_setup
chkconfig --del SuSEfirewall2_init

The firewall shall remain OFF?!?! I didn't find any line in the howto where you switch the firewall on again.... So how it the server protected than?
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