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Originally Posted by kreya
before starting ISPconfig Installation ensure you are able to ping you should get reply from your Static IP. if you get that everything is fine.
After searching, it seems that lots of people have problems with that part of the installation. Explanations about *what exactly* ISPConfig tries to do at that point would probably help in the documentation.

I have the same problem at this point, AND my hostname does ping. Most of the problems here seem to stem from Dyndns domains and local LANs, though I'm trying to set up a standard root-server at an ISP. Only problem I could think of, is that it's on a subdomain obviously: I tried every combination of hostname/domain, neither worked.
When I use the official IP of the server for domain (and nothing for host), does that mean I can only reach the interface by IP?

Another question: I don't want to maintain DNS locally, I'd even prefer to have bind not running. Is that possible?

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