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Originally Posted by jorizzzz
i've got two servers here, each one has an installation of ISPConfig installed. Server1 is my webserver and is the master for the dns, Server2 is the slave.

Is it possible to automate the creation of the slave entries on the second ISPConfig server? At this point, whenever a reseller of mine adds a new domain, i've got to logon the second server and add the slave entry manually.

The updates are being pushed perfectly, all that is working. Only the creating of the slave entries is a problem at this time...

Could somebody help me?
I am interested in this as well.

I posted a topic in the Installation forum

Basically I have a web server with ISPConfig and Master/Slave DNS machines. I want the ISPConifg web server to manage the creation of DNS zones and send it to my DNS machines. I was thinking that my DNS machines both need to act as slaves to the ISPConfig web server, but when resolving name servers on the web the DNS machines would play their Master/Slave role.
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