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Well, the problem I see with unreliable stats, is that creating 'New Web Templates' or adding 'New Webs' that should contain a certain amount of traffic is then completely useless with ISPConfig... Instead you have to control the traffic by hand all the time, as the internal traffic counting of ISP Config seems to be broken and no one apparently knows or cares where its going nuts...

Now we also clarified with the one user that appeared to have downloaded >45 Gig within three visits on two days (where only a single 1 Gig Testfile was available to download on the whole site and each tester should and did try to only download it ONCE in complete), he used a download manager and left it on over night, next morning he found the transfer broken at 60%, then resumed it within the download manager and it completed till 90%. THATS ALL!!!
ISP Config is counting for his IP alone 45 Gig transferred, when in reality he did around 900 MByte plus one Resume overhead!!!

To me this smells A LOT like every - even unfinished and broken - transfers are counted like the transfer of the file was completed... not good....and it gets worse the bigger the files are on the site....
Probably I should better add this to the buglist or new features wishlist ...

Just for the fun of numbers, heres the actual comparison between ISPConfigs stats and my Providers stat:
ISPConfig says:
Trafficübersicht (in MB):
Monat Web FTP Mail Gesamt
12/2005: 143224.71 0.00 0.00 143224.71

so thats around 140 Gig to me...

Provider says:
Traffic outgoing in MB Traffic gesamt in MB
14.915,5264 15.371,4832

thats something over 14 Gig...

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