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The latest stable that Centos 4.5 uses...

MySQL 4.1.2

Any upgrade procedure available to go to 5.x ?

Thank you


In the meantime, I have found a quick-n-dirty way to solve this. phpmyadmins proposes by default to the user logged in, to create a new db with a similar db name to the one already created (and this is how I've discovered this mysql bug). I.e. if the db is blah_blah, it proposes to the users to create blah?blah. So you have two choices: Either to disable new db creation from phpmyadmin, or to disable db name suggestions for the new dbs. Personally I prefer the later, as I found the new db creation useful -- especially for the root user. So, change the following two options accordingly in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/phpmyadmin/

$cfg['ShowCreateDb']          = TRUE;   // show create database form
$cfg['SuggestDBName']         = FALSE;   // suggest a new DB name if possible (false = keep empty)
Also if Hans find this tweak useful, he may set these values in his phpmyadmin package, so as not to change them each time for the every new upgrade.

Thank you all,

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