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Originally Posted by infra_red_dude
Hey guys, new here. I wanna share my work wid you. The project I'm working on: Mac4Lin - Mac transformation pack for Linux!

I am happy to announce the version 0.2 release of the Mac4Lin Project. Version 0.1 alpha has received an overwhelming response. People have used and liked it and the downloads (as on this day) have touched about 6GB!!! Lots of comments/suggestions/bugs were received and I have tried to iron out all the bugs known till this day. This update also brings a whole lot of new things. See the changelog for changes.

Special thanks to Victor of vsdigital for provding the Firefox Safari Skin and thanks to everyone who tested the version 0.1 alpha. Because of all this I'm giving version 0.2 stable to this release. Keep visiting the project website for more updates.

Apply it, flaunt it, enjoy it!

Anirudh (a.k.a ANi, infra_red_dude)

For any suggestions/comments/complaints/feedback/bug tracking please drop by my blog or send a mail:

My Blog:
My E-Mail id: infra_red_dude<A.T>users<D.O.T>sourceforge<D.O.T>n et
Project Website:

Folks, got my GRE on 8th October. I gotta prep for it and also go thru all the universities' websites. Will be a bit busy. So, I may not be regular at the forums for the next one month. You may post ur feedback either on my blog/project website/this thread or mail it to me. I'll look into it as soon as possible

Mac4Lin version 0.2, 17/09/2007

Icon updates
New firefox skin by Victor of vsdigital
Mac OS System Sounds
New Grub Screens
More Leopardish Emerald theme
Simdock source tarball included
Leopard Dock AWN theme updated
OS X Fonts and font enhancing guide
More Leopardish GTK Metacity theme
One GTK Splash screen added
Updated Pidgin OSX Theme
Four new wallpapers added
Documentation (README) added for every component
GTK Mac Menu is not included in this pack as some users have reported some issues. If anybody wants to install this, it can be Downloaded from the ver.0.1alpha pack. The GTK Mac Menu package remains unchanged.
Hi Anirudh,

that's a nice work!
Would be interested in writing a tutorial about installing Mac4Lin on, let's say, Ubuntu or Fedora? If we publish it on HowtoForge, a lot more people will know about Mac4Lin.
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