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Default a noob needs help installing XP/ ubuntu as a dual boot

Hello everyone. I am hoping someone can give me some help installing Ubuntu.

quick background: I just bought a laptop in Korea, (fujisu Lifebook A) it came with 'windows vista basic k' (windows in Korean, which i do not speak) after using vista for 2 hours, i realized that it HAD to go. So i downloaded Ubuntu, installed it, and it worked PERFECTLY. I was very happy with it. It even found drivers for all of my hardware automatically. it was great.

but I need WinXP for work, so a dual boot setup would be perfect for me.

this is where I am running into troubble.

My HD is 100gig, and when i first installed ubuntu, it partitioned my HD into 4 partitions. 2 main partitions, 44gig and 46gigs , and 2 smaller ones (for swap files i imagine) I'm not sure why, but thats what ubuntu did by default.

When I installed WinXP, it was installed onto the main partition, and I lost ubuntu, and XP can only see that one 46gig partiton, it can't see the rest of the hard drive.

when I try to re-install Ubuntu, it doens't see the partitions either, the only option it gives me when i try to install it is to repartition the entire HD into one 100 gig partition. there is no 'partition free space' option that i have seen on every website describing how to setup a dual boot system, and if i try to make one, it warns me that eveything on the existing partitions will be lost.

so, what should i do?

its a fresh XP install, without anything important, so i am not opposed to formatting everything and starting over if thats the only way.

any ideas?


more info if it helps:
AMD sempron(sp?) processor, single core, it says it's 64 bit...
1.6 ghz processor
ATI video card and graphics accelerator.
100 gig HD
1 gig ram
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