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I partially installed this on my Ubuntu desktop and it is nice. I did mix and match somewhat between yours and other OSX-style widget themes/window decorations, and customised things, until i got a combination I liked best. AWN is nice, but a bit flakey still, and it should collect all windows for an app under a single icon, not open a new one for each application's window.

Curiously, I found that after all the messing about with themes and decorations the biggest change to make it 'feel right' was just sorting out the fonts. Installing Lucida Grande and setting the font prefs to use it, and the right kind of anti-aliasing made all the difference, and when I inevitably roll back to a more Linuxy theme (because, ultimately, the more OSX-like it *looks* the more annoying it is when it doesn't quite *deliver* on Mac-using expectations - which isn't really fair on Linux) the font setup is the bit that will be kept.

But just at the moment it looks very posh. I can't supply a screenshot right now to prove it as I'm away from that computer for a day or so (and on a real mac) (Although if I feel sufficiently energetic maybe I'll apply the same stuff to the Ubuntu install on this macbook - I was just going to abandon that though, as I can't get the fscking trackpad working right.)
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