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Default Squirrelmail and stupid imap folder names ?!

Hi peoples !

After searching a long time for a solution of my problem with squirrelmail i found nothing what helps ! Thats why iam writing this new thread

After installing and conmfiguring Postfix, Cyrel, web-cyradm i have a full functional Email Server. I tried all szenarios. But this is not my problem, want only to tell that with the email server everything is ok.

Now i installed via apt-get install squirrelmail the webmail interface. after changing the config/conf.php in this way below i now can create folders inside the inbox. i thought i can set the default folder prefix to nothing ('') but then i cant create any folder ! I get a message that i have no permission to create the folder. (Think he tries to create a folder outside the inbox. And thats i found out forbidden)
Ok but i set the folder prefix to 'INBOX/' and now i can create the folders. But the names of the folders are not so beautiful.

For example after creating a folder named 'test' inside the INBOX i get a folder named '.INBOX.test' inside the INBOX

If i create some folders with Outlook it works fine, so it should be squirrelmails problem.

If somebody knows how to fix that i would be very happy

and here comes a little part from my config.php of squirrelmail
$domain                 = trim(implode('', file('/etc/'.(file_exists('/etc/mailname')?'mail':'host').'name')));
$imapServerAddress      = 'localhost';
$imapPort               = 143;
$useSendmail            = false;
$smtpServerAddress      = 'localhost';
$smtpPort               = 25;
$sendmail_path          = '/usr/sbin/sendmail';
$sendmail_args          = '-i -t';
$pop_before_smtp        = false;
$imap_server_type       = 'cyrus';
$invert_time            = false;
$optional_delimiter     = '.';
$encode_header_key      = '';

$default_folder_prefix          = 'INBOX/';
$trash_folder                   = 'Trash';
$sent_folder                    = 'Sent';
$draft_folder                   = 'Drafts';
$default_move_to_trash          = true;
$default_move_to_sent           = true;
$default_save_as_draft          = true;
$show_prefix_option             = false;
$list_special_folders_first     = true;
$use_special_folder_color       = true;
$auto_expunge                   = true;
$default_sub_of_inbox           = true;
$show_contain_subfolders_option = false;
$default_unseen_notify          = 2;
$default_unseen_type            = 1;
$auto_create_special            = true;
$delete_folder                  = false;
$noselect_fix_enable            = false;
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