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Default Going to setup a small company server... but how?

Hi, everyone. I'm going to set up a server for my company. It's a small company that have 12 desktop and 5 laptop, perhaps will increase at the near future...

But since i have none of server setup experience, so i browse through the internet... unfortunately, that makes me more confuse...

So the requirement is like this, mostly the server will be use to store the documents, so i considered it as a database server. Maybe you guys have some good ideas?

Then about the OS, i wonder how can i choose a server OS? I read the perfect server - fedora 7 in here, so i think it can be apply, right? So, if i use Fedora 7 as OS in the server, do i still need MS server software? And how about the Anti-virus software? Do i need it? Besides the Fedora 7, what else do i need in order to setup a server?

Please give me some suggestions or something... Thanks!
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