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Originally Posted by Hans
Well, i've visited the mac4lin project site and i have to say it look really nice!
Thanks for the compliment, Hans. I really appreciate it

Originally Posted by Hans
Did you also see the Mac-like Linux distribution called DreamLinux? It's GUI (Xfce not Gnome) looks like a mac too, but i think Mac4Lin will go a step further.
Yes, I've used DreamLinux. But things are pretty rigid in there including the XFCE DE itself.

Originally Posted by Hans
The transformation pack will change your desktop within a mac. I hope that all this beauty will not cause a slow pc.
Rest assured, it'll not If your system can run beryl/compiz you can take full advantage of this pack. If is otherwise then the only things you'll be missing is the emerald theme and the avant window manager. To make up for it the GTK Metacity will take over. It is however deprived of inactive window transparencies. other than that you get everthing! To fill in for avant window manager, I've included Simdock which will run even on the most basic system. So you kinda miss nothing even if you haf an 8 year old PC!!!

Its just like installing Icon theme, Cursors, Window Manager theme. But all available in a centralized place pertaining to the same theme: Mac emulation. So it won't slow down your system. I've tested this on a P4 1.5Ghz, 256MB DDR RAM, intel 845 chipset with onboard gfx and 32mb shared ram and it runs fine wid full beryl/CF effects. Except that it get a bit sluggish when there are more than 8 windows open. But then its coz of those extra beryl/compiz effects. So rest assured about your system being snappy

Originally Posted by Hans
Success with the nice project!
Thank You once again, Hans.
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