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Originally Posted by falko
Your domain name resolution is now ok. The mails seem to have been sent, but I can think of 2 reasons why they didn't arrive in your mailboxes:

1) You're sending from your home network, so you most probably have a dynamic IP address. Most freemail providers like Gmail and Hotmail block emails from dynamic IP addresses.
2) You're sending from the domain, and it's possible that Gmail and Hotmail see that you aren't and therefore block your emails.

Try to

chmod 1777 /var/spool/mail
Hi Falko,

1) About 6 months before I use to have qmailtoaster installed on my Redhat 9 and then I could send emails to just about any domain. I do not know whether recently gmail or hotmail have blocked messages coming from dynamic ip address!!!

2) In posting here only I'm using actually I'm using my real domain name.

3) I've tried chmod 1777 /var/spool/mail but I read in redhat bug tracking that it is an unsecure lock mechanism that Iumap is using and that they do not recommend it. so they are not accepting it as a bug but said try and fix your MTA. ??!!

Many thanks for all your help.

- Nanda.
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