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Default Error Installing Zimbra

Hi, I am trying my first install of Zimbra. I running on a OpenVZ install and the guess is Ubuntu6. This openvz machine has 100G assigned to it. During the install of Zimbra after selecting the Zimbra Servers to install I get this error:
Checking required space for zimbra-core
checking space for zimbra-store
/opt/zimbra requires at least 5GB of space to install.
0GB is not enough space to install.

Installation cancelled.
I know I have enough disk space. I think the problem is that Zimbra is trying to install on the /opt partition... However, this partition I think is part of my /root partition which is only 1G. So, I think there's not enough disk space there. Is there a way for me to get Zimbra to install via my /var partition which contains much of my disk space? Would appreciate any comments/suggestions.

Below is the output of df -h
root@mx1:/usr/src/zcs# df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
simfs                 1.0G  833M  192M  82% /
tmpfs                 496M   16K  496M   1% /var/run
tmpfs                 496M     0  496M   0% /var/lock
tmpfs                 496M     0  496M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                 496M   16K  496M   1% /var/run
tmpfs                 496M     0  496M   0% /var/lock
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