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Default lock secure

Originally Posted by tommyjohn
I want to follow this tutorial but i really need to know how to lock secure this desktop before surfing the net with it.
If you have not disabled selinux, and if you are not using fedora as a server, (it is your desktop system), then there is nothing for you to do. Between linux permissions and selinux's checking to verify that the program that wants to do something special, is in fact allowed to do so, selinux protects your system.

What I would recommend is to install clamav and klamav. They are anti-virus programs for Gnome and KED, used to protect mail that you forward to a friend with a microsoft system. There are also minimal firewall settings for enabling or disabling ports.

Again, as a desktop, you do not really require a firewall.

yum install yumex clamav klamav
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