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Originally Posted by Ashaman074
Well, it is on a T1 line - so that is why they made the changes. I thought it looked like everything was winding up at my name servers as well, yet the PTR records are not being found.

How about the results of the dig I did on my IP, isn't that wrong? I don't know this stuff very well yet, but it said:

";; ANSWER SECTION: 42424 IN CNAME xx.xx/"

It has no mention of an actual domain name, is that a bit of a clue as to what is wrong?
Ideally, I think it should. Looking through the ISPConfig DNS tool screens, it looks like we can set up A, CNAME, MX, and SPF (txt) records. I don't see a tool for creating PTR records manually.

In my setup, ISPConfig is automatically building ptr records for me. Take a look in your bind9 data file directory (probably /var/lib/named/etc/bind) and see if you have a file named, where your IP address is in the x.y.z block.

Note: doing "dig -t ptr @w.x.y.z w.x.y.z" where w.x.y.z is your IP address won't return your PTR records. The command needs to be "dig -t ptr @w.x.y.z". That ought to return your reverse DNS records.
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