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Originally Posted by Ashaman074
Thanks for the input. I actually did contact the ISP, and I asked them to "change the delegation" to and (the name servers for ISPConfig) because I thought that was correct. Was it not? I thought that that would mean any rdns requests would then be sent to and which would them provide the PTR records. Unfortunately I am not 100% sure if this was correct...? Or maybe it was correct but they way they did it is not acceptable to AOL?

How about the second section with the problems regarding missing/stealth nameservers and such - cause for alarm, or is that something that isn't necessarily a problem?
It appears that your provider did indeed SWIP your netblock to you. I'm surprised by that - a lot of big providers won't do that. says that your netblock is served up by your servers, but that your servers aren't responding. At least, no PTR (reverse DNS) records are avalable.

Frankly, I'm not sure what the errors messages you mentioned mean. I haven't sued that tool much.
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