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Originally Posted by chancer
Taking this logic a step further, could the home directory names (i.e. web1, web2 and so forth) in /var/www/ be customised, too? I'm thinking of ISP1, ISP2 where we could substitute something of our own choosing for ISP?

Perhaps this is OT and I should be posting it as a new thread under Feature Requests or Develepors' Forum. But it does strike me that we can keep on challenging the Maine Monolith (great news from the EU courts on that score ) if we improve our marketing skills.

If we can have user home directory names matching user prefixes, and both matching our branding efforts, it affords us some marketing consistency. Prefixing/naming with web# specifically, and I now appreciate several very good reasons for such a convention, is bland.
As it stands currently, your choices for User Prefix are [WEBID], [DOMAIN], [HOST], and [HOSTDOMAIN]. You might watn to take a look at

I've posted a message on the "Suggestions" board that in a future release a field be added at the domain level, for storing a custom prefix. I'm currently using [DOMAIN] as my prefix, but the flavor of Linux I'm running limits user names to 32 characters, so long domain names make for some pertty short user names.
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