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Originally Posted by showe1966
The above is all fine and it looks like FINALLY i am getting somewheres.
-I did not transfer my real domain name over to my new website yet as it is in use somewheres else.
-Therefore, to check that the website is really up, I type in my ip address in my browser BUT because I had to use the same ip address, host and domain names twice (Once in server settings and once to set up my clients website), I only can get to a page saying
"welcome, this IP address is shared. Please login to www.mysite.dom to see the website you are looking for."

My questions are:-

1. Is this normal ?
2. Can I get around the problem ?
I think I possibly can by using a terminal based web browser on my server like lynx and point it to and see what I reach.

Any comments about resolving this technical difficulty would be most appreciated.
Yep, that behavior is normal. Here's how you can get around that problem for testing:

If you are running a real OS (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS X, etc) edit your /etc/hosts file. Specifically, on the line that starts with your IP address, add "" and "". If you're stuck with running a video-game OS (a flavor of Windows), then do the same in /windows/system/drivers/etc/hosts (or something like that - I can never remember exactly where the file is, as I never use Wintendo any more).

That way when you attempt to surf to or, your machine will resolve the address out of your local hosts file instead of via DNS. This assumes, of course, that your nsswitch.conf file is set up to prefer "files" over other methods.
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