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Default Update - closer to "one web"

In any case, I am slowly making forward progress through the setup and now have managed to ftp some content to my website.

Here is what I did:-

-during install selected
hostname www
domain: mysite.dom
ip address: my ip address
admin e-mail: i changed it to Not sure if this is a good idea or not.

after install:-
-login as admin and change the password
-click on server in the directory tree
set up dns servers to my dns servers
also clicked on "default mx record"

click on >isp manger > new client
enter name for client
enter first name
enter last name

click on >NEW SITE
TITLE: mysite.dom
hostname www
domain mysite.dom
ip address: the only ip address i have available in any case !
create dns y
create dns MX y
ssi y
ftp access y
ssl y

after created site,
modified client login and password
logged in as client

>create new user
realname : a name
e_mail address: annemailaddress
username: web1_info
password XXXXX
administrator y

Now I founfd i can ftp onto my website and transfer files across to create my website
the login for ftp BTW is as follows:-
address to loginto : my ip address
username: web1_info
password: XXXXXXXX
port: 21

The above is all fine and it looks like FINALLY i am getting somewheres.
-I did not transfer my real domain name over to my new website yet as it is in use somewheres else.
-Therefore, to check that the website is really up, I type in my ip address in my browser BUT because I had to use the same ip address, host and domain names twice (Once in server settings and once to set up my clients website), I only can get to a page saying
"welcome, this IP address is shared. Please login to www.mysite.dom to see the website you are looking for."

My questions are:-

1. Is this normal ?
2. Can I get around the problem ?
I think I possibly can by using a terminal based web browser on my server like lynx and point it to and see what I reach.

Any comments about resolving this technical difficulty would be most appreciated.
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