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Originally Posted by showe1966
in the tab that appears:-

I can enter data like
IP Address:
Admin Email:

1. Other than the ip address of my server, do I need to set these up ? I'm the only person needing to do admin, and it is more secure and less expensive if i just stick with an ip address rather than adding a domain name.
Not sure of this. Perhaps someone else can address this.
2. what is appropriate for the admin e-mail ?
I check my e-mail on another e-mail system so I guess i should specify that e-mail address because otherwise it is unlikely to get read.
The address of any mailbox you are likely to read.
On the tab:-

what do \i have to set up here ?
What e-mail are we talking about ?
Is it some kind of a global setting page for all the e-mail that will be handled by all the hosted sites or what ?
This is where you set up global parameters to control the Postfix daemon that will handle all incoming e-mail.
on the tab


what should i set in here ?
Default Ns1: server1.mydom.dom
I suppose if i am running BIND locally
That sounds about right
Default Ns2: some other backup DNS server somewhere
That's another issue for someone better acquainted with ISPConfig. I don't know whether ISPConfig can handle being a master server, updting a remote slave.
Admin Email: ?? not sure what goes in here as above
Same as the "Admin E-Mail" answer above - the address of a mailbox that you check regularly.
Default MX: ?? not sure here either as what website /MX account for what post are we talking about here as so far, I did not create any websites ????
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