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thanks for your reply.
I agree it is totally OTT for what I want to do.
But, I definitely need complete control of a mail server and a website that support encrypted mail transfers and also has a password for the pop3 and smtp usage.
I did try setting up one smtp/pop3 server with passwords in the past manually, but it did seem rather complicated and i never got it working right.

Plus, ISPConfig has a lot of useful ancilliary services pre-configured.
Like a spam filter, anti-virus and webalizer.
So if i install ISPConfig I will be loosing a lot of flexibility over my apache and bind install, but gaining a lot of time not having to go through all the setup on the mail server , spam filter, webalizer etc etc.

Also my site gets huge quantities of mail and quite a bit of traffic which i don't want to administer manually.

Thanks for your reply in any case.
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