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Default clarification about why you have to give the server a domain name in "server settings

Dear Till,

Thanks very much for that clarifiaction about smtp server name, pop3 server name and passwords.
I suppose that the above is a consequence of what you set up in your primary zones file MX records. I will check it out and post my findings after i actually get through with doing a setup.

I have a question about the overall server settings however.

I only have one domain name to register, and one IP address.
So I MUST enter this during install of ISPCONFIG in order to correctly identify my computer when we get to the following section of the install proceedure :-

Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web: E.g.
Please enter the host name: E.g. www
Please enter the domain: E.g.

So, now I have my ISPConfig system installed, I create a new client to enable me to create a single website, then i create a new site (Note: not sure if i should create the new website with the client as the owner or not. Not sure which is the better thing to do.).

Problem: When I go to create my new site, I have to specify again host name and domain name as above i.e. and the IP address as

Question: Apart from the obvious problem of the fact that any member of the unsuspecting public surfing to port 81 of getting the ispconfig login page, which it is clear i will just have to live with, is it possible for me to create a client website now using the host and domain name and ip address previously specified as belonging to my server ?

If it is not possible, then how do i go about doing it with just one domain name and ip address or do I necessarily have to have two domain names and two ip addresses to use this software?

I hope very much for your patience and kind help in explaining to me what is the best thing to do here.
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