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Default Command line

Originally Posted by MikeM
The script says to run the autoinstall.cgi from the web site. So I enter: and a blank page comes up, but the script does not activate or do anything.

Don't know how to run it from the command line

I'm pretty new at Linux stuff.
Ok, here's how.

If ISPConfig is running on a machine that you have physical access to, just log in from the keyboard as root. If you don't have physical access, make an ssh connection to your ISPConfig machine fromwhatever machine you usually work from.

Go to the directory where the cgi files are written. In my case, that's /var/www/<the domain name>/cgi-bin. I think you indicated that you installed if in cgi-bin/ar; so if you also used /var/www as the insatll base, you would do:
cd /var/www/<your domain name>/cgi-bin/ar

Verify that you're in the right place by doing:

If you see the files you installed, then you're where you want to be.

To execute the autoinstall.cgi file, do:

This will not perform the installation for you, but if there is a problem like Perl installed in the wrong place, etc. this ought to display an error message that might help to point out what the problem is.

One word of warning, though - logging in as root is dangerous! Think twice before executing any commands. Especially don't do any deletes ([b][i]rm[i][b] commands without checking carefully that you're entering the command you want.
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