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Default What does it do from the command line?

Originally Posted by MikeM
I am trying to install the parabots autoresponder on my site. I uploaded the file autoinstall.cgi in ascii mode into cgi-bin/ar/ and set the permissions to 755 as per their instructions. When I run the file, nothing happens, just a blank page. I don't think it is running at all. I even tried their manual install, but it also wants to run autoinstall.cgi and can't do it. I see the folders are automatically set to 775. I tried setting it to 755, same result.

I am using debian 4 and have cgi setup for the web site. I have run other cgi scripts before.

Any ideas on why this file won't run?


Mike Murphy

I don't know anything about patabots stuff (I try not to run code I have to pay for )

When you say you run the code, do you mean from the command line or through your web browser? If you make an ssh connection and run the code from the command line, what does it display?
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