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Thanks Edge...

I've got revers DNS setup on all my servers
Really- how would I achieve this on my server locally?

I'm getting ready to place another server online so I can run my own name servers.

I found that SPF and SIDF are basically the same animal, I had a hell of time getting any MS servers to accept email from my server.
I utilized one templated SPF site to the next never having success as having had created a satisfactory SPF record.
Then I stumbled upon the MS SIDF template site, one run through and the format was accepted instantly and my clients could then send mail to and from MS email servers.
The MS webmaster stated that our IP is not on any blacklist, so generally most all domains are acceptable once a properly formatted SPF | SIDF record is present.

I did a little experimenting with the 'Subject' line when sending email to a Yahoo email account- I found that depending on the Subject content dictated your odds of being placed in the 'Bulk' box.

In example- if you used a Subject of: Hello...

It is 100% you will wind up in the Bulk

Otherwise- if a Subject of: Is this client authorized in the central control appliance?

Is placed in the Inbox.

I'm sure I can be entirely wrong here, but this is what I encountered while testing last night.

Thank you for you help, the email is functioning.
I just use the IP rather than the mail server name until my new data lines are installed by Verizon this week to replace 3 VSAT's trying to deliver 6MB's and failing miserably bad

Have a killer day

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