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Default Reverse DNS Lookup Keeps Failing

I have been using DNSStuff's DNS Report tool and no matter what I try I continue to receive FAIL on 'Reverse DNS Lookup'.
No matter what I have tried the result is always 'no reverse DNS (PTR) entries'.

I look in at '' and it seems right?

$TTL        86400
@               IN      SOA (
                                2007090803       ; serial, todays date + todays serial #
                                28800   ; Refresh
                                7200    ; Retry
                                604800  ; Expire
                                86400)  ; Minimum TTL
211       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
210       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
211       PTR
When running 'dig @ any' an MX wouldn't show up until I added the record '211 PTR'

I use DNSExit service and have added the MX, A for email...

Can someone help shed a little light on my errors?

Thank you

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