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Originally Posted by pedropalanca
with himself not to cause that when entering a domain it goes to the corresponding folder within the server. It always loads the page to me root (/var/www).

I have registered a domain ( and point to i go to (in ISPConfig)
DNS Manager -> New Master:
- Domain (SOA):
- IP Adress:
(and the option 'records' -> 'A Record': i added:
- hostname: www
- ip adress:
What are you doing??? A soa would be a domain like, but not The A record you created is I don't think this is what you want. And why do you want to create DNS records for when you want to create a web site for

Originally Posted by pedropalanca
now i added in: ISP Manager -> New site (for domain whit the server dns (this dns are configured in Management -> Server -> Settings:
- Hostname: www
- Domain:
- ip adrees:
- netmask:

why the domain go to /var/www?
You must create a web site for! As domain you should enter instead of
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